Conservative Evangelicals in South Africa

Since 2017, I have researched the development of and current challenges facing Protestant evangelical churches in Southern Africa. This research forced the bulk of the material supporting my doctoral dissertation at Brandeis University, and I continue to learn from South Africans about the connections between their evangelistic efforts and global dynamics and cultural shifts. Below are several of the works based on this fieldwork.

“Sing and Make Music to the Lord”: Cultural Difference in South Africa’s Urban Religious Soundscapes
In Anthropology Southern Africa 46(3):173-187, 2023

The Sins of Our Ancestors: Conservative Evangelical Christianity and Cosmological Responses to Racial Division in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Doctoral Dissertation, Brandeis University, 2022

Pentecostal Promise and a South African Dream Deferred
From Africa Is a Country, March 31, 2020

The Prosperity Gospel and an Unprosperous Reality in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Conservative Evangelical Responses to Charismatic Christianity
Wits Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Humanities, 2019

Aging and the End Times: Evangelical Eschatology and Experiences of Elderhood in the United States and South Africa
In Anthropology & Aging 40(1):32-47, 2019

In Living Color
Photo series from my fieldwork in South Africa, 2018-2019

Fieldwork Dispatches
Informal reflections on fieldwork experiences and initial impressions from my first trip to South Africa in July 2017

Evangelistic Failures and Imperial Anxieties among Nineteenth-Century American Missionaries to the Zulu
Science, Religion, and Culture Symposium Presentation, Cambridge, MA, 2017