On this page is a collection of current and previous projects I have worked on. Click on each one or contact me for further details or to suggest a collaboration to extend it in new directions.

Since 2017, including as part of my graduate training, I have been working with Christians in South Africa on the development of the church and responses to post-apartheid division. This work has explored evangelicals’ dynamic engagement with global shifts in ideas about theology, gender, inequality, religious legitimacy, and scientific authority.

In 2014, I conducted ethnographic research with young-earth creationists in northern Kentucky. This project, which set the context for my later work in South Africa, explored the semiotic and identity-based components of contemporary American creation science and its relation with dominant discourses.


During the 2017-2018 academic year, I received funding to inaugurate Brandeis’s Workshop for Critical Inquiry and Education, an interdisciplinary venue that showcases exciting works-in-progress to support the writing curriculum.

In addition to my own research, I organized a small conference at Brandeis on legal anthropology in April 2016, the program from which appears here.